The Ka-Tet of The 19 & 99

Harvest Festival Day One
Opening Ceremonies & 3 Competitions!

Late the night before the festival begins Whisper wanders the fair grounds. She sees two men wandering the grounds and quickly hides so they do not see her. It appears that they are casing the place. Strange behavior indeed. Whisper follows them to the exact same hotel where she and the other champions reside.
We open on the early morning the sun just rising over the edge of the distant mountains. You can see the Barron’s home against the hillside. The pavilion in the center of town is setup and there are several accompanying tent waiting for the day’s vendors. The town is beginning to wake around you.

Champions Tent has been set up off to the side of the Pavilion.

As the town begins to wake, the opening festivities begin! There is a marching band that walks through the town to signify the opening ceremony and gathering up as many town folk as possible. The performers join in at set points adding a parade quality to the opening ceremony. The last people to be folded into the parade are the champions. They are primarily gathered in the Tavern and they are cheered as they join the parade.
Everyone is lead into the Pavilion where there are stadium style seats around the main stage where the contests will take place. The band circles the stage and the master of ceremonies runs out to introduce the Baron!

The Baron is giving a speech about the upcoming festival. Thanking those that donated money and time to make this such a success.

Assassins burst through the back of the stage and make an attempt on the Baron’s life! The Baron’s guard and several of your own party work to restrain the assassins! The people are shocked! The Baron chooses to continue with his speech. He will not allow this terrible event to mar the celebration his Barony deserves!!

Festivities pause for a minute, but continue on as planned. The Baron elects to show all is safe by having a drink with those that wish in the tavern’s tent, then plans to head back to his stronghold for the day. His favorite event, the riddling contest, is not scheduled until the following day. The Baron tries to assure the crowd that they are safe and that his security staff will be in full force throughout the festival!

Master of Ceremonies Starts the day with the announcement of all of the festival offerings!
The day begins with people wandering around the festival. In the main pavilion hall there are:
• Wreath making classes
• Food preservation classes
• Classes on preparation of the signature dish – Harvest Rice
• Announcement of the tournament schedule.
• All contestants for the first round of Axe throwing please come to the tent
• First test at noon that day.
• Archery contest to follow
• Hand to hand combat to follow.

13 Stalls surround the pavilion:

  1. 1. Rice Merchant – Dry rices of every kind:
    a. Basmati
    b. Jasmine
    c. Black Rice
    d. Arborio
    e. Wild Rice
    f. Red Rice
    2. Archery Games
    3. Dice Games
    4. Roulettes/games of luck!
    5. Spirits & Ale Booth – Sponsored by the Tavern
    6. Fortune Telling Booth
    7. Ride the Water Buffalo booth
    8. Throw the circle and catch your new pet! (fish, kittens, puppies, mice, rodents of unusual sizes!)
    9. Paint your face
    10. Ball Toss
    11. Rock Climbing
    12. Treasure Hunt
    13. Fishing Booth

Rice Dishes in every other stall
• Risotto
• Fried Rice of all varieties
• Rice Soups
• Rice porridge
• Baked rice with saffron & cardamom
• Rice Pilaf with blanched almonds
• Coconut Rice
• Rice with lime & Cilantro
• Red beans & rice
• Chicken & rice
• Tomatoes & rice
• Rice milk (like Horchata)

The tournament begins:
Archery :
Rurhild conducts both archery & Arisa throwing exposition. Arisas are sharpened plates that the women of her clan threw in liew of weaponry. They were a peaceful bunch of craftsmen rather than fighter dwarves.

  • o Chianna – 15 (2) + 20 (2) + 6 (2) = 4+7 = 11 WINNER!!
    o Horace A. Ford – Male Halfling – 5 (2) = 0 DISQUALIFIED R1
    o Ruthguard – Young Female Dwarf (daughter of Rurhild) – 17 (3) + 2 (3) =0 DISQUALIFIED R2
    o Je Be (Mongol general) – Male Dark Elf 14 (2) + 19 (2) + 8 (2) = 4+6 = 10
    o Lu Bu – Female Elf 20 (3) + 6 (3) = 0 DISQUALIFIED R2
    o Minamoto no Tametomo – Female Half elf 3 (2) = 0 DISQUALIFIED R1
    o Ki Bo-bae – Male Orc 8 (2) = 0 DISQUALIFIED R1

Axe Throwing Contest:
Rundette – Dwarf Male – Displays his amazing skills at axe throwing.

  • 1. Jasmine – Elf Female – 18 (2) + 3(2) = 0 DISQUALIFIED R2
    2. Saxton Pope – Male Dwarf – 4 (1) = 0 DISQUALIFIED R1
    3. Charlotte Burgess – Female Half-elf – 4 (3) = 0 DISQUALIFIED R1
    4. Jake Kaminski – Male Human (VERY HANDSOME! He’s the town favorite. All the ladies really love him!) – 8 (2) + 4 (2) = 0 DISQUALIFIED R2
    5. Jacob Kaminski – Jake’s little brother. Male Human – 18 (2) + 18 (2) + 7 (2) = 6+6=12 Runner up
    6. Aida Roman – Female Half-orc – 1 (2) = 0 DISQUALIFIED R1
    7. Bludo – 19 (3) + 19 (3) + 11 (3) = 7+7+2=16 WINNER!!

Hand to hand combat Contest:
Xiao Yanhong – Human Male shows his prowess at hand to hand combat
1. Marketa Sidkova – Female Elf – 17 (2) + 4 (2) = 0 DISQUALIFIED R2
2. Park Sung-hyun – Male Dwarf – 20 (2) + 2 (2) = 0 DISQUALIFIED R2
3. Simon Terry – Male Human – 15 (2) + 13 (2) + 13 (2) =4+3+3=10
4. Natalia Valeeva – Female Half Orc – 5 (3) = 0 DISQUALIFIED R1
5. Alison Williamson – Female Human – 12 (2) + 9 (2) + 20 (2) = 3+1+7 =11 Runner Up!
6. Jan Huilian – Male Orc – 20 (3) + 19 (3) + 19 (3) = 22 WINNER!!
7. Dean – 18 (6) + 3 (6) = 0 DISQUALIFIED R2


  • Performance Tournament: poetry, singing, dancing, playing an instrument, performing a scene from a play, etc.)
    Cooking contest of varieties: sweet, spicy, savory, sour & smoked.
    Diplomacy: think of Debate tournaments
    Obstacle Course: think Indiana Jones-esque!
Oct 3, 2014
Getting to the Calla

Bludo & Dean

Bludo was brought to Dean’s uncle and aunt by a mysterious human. This human was a slave to a tribe of Orcs that bound him to an orc woman, his mother. This man passed away and left the child to be raised by Dean’s family. Dean was in the monastery & was in correspondence with his family after he joined the monastery. Dean heard of the avalanche that killed his uncle and aunt. Dean rescued him from the avalanche Bludo is a sweet sweet boy that wants to do good! He has a hand in axes.

Whisper (Chianna) has come across the Calla in an effort to explore a new calla. She investigated the town a little bit more after being here years before. She is concerned about the baron’s methods with thieves.

Oswyn has recently entered the surface world. She spent some time around the entrance in the bazaars and was overwhelmed and disgusted by the the greed and thievery. She caught the next wagon to the Calla and is intrigued by the festival, but doesn’t feel the need to participate.

The Baron has asked Severus to develop a poster along with his young librarian, Amelia. He has also said he will record the winnings of the festival.

Nostromo has entered the town. and is investigating further.

Oswyn has decided to stop in at the library. She asks about the potential services for the children of the town. She is hoping that there are classes to teach the children. Unfortunately the farmers do not have much in the way of knowledge of reading. Serevus has offered to show her to his assistant to share the book on innate magic. Oswyn explains her coming into her magic.

Chianna – has decided to sign up for some part so the festival itself.

Six plain chickens were delivered to Bludo with his gallon of ginger beer.

Dean signed his brother up for the axe throwing contest and himself up as a a melee fighter contest.


Rise to the Surface World
Life literally IS a jungle

The opening from the underdark has brought many adventurers to the once fabled surface world. The cave leading to the surface is laced with jasmine like vines, adding sweet fragrance to the balmy air of the jungles and forests that surround it.

Several well established settlements have popped up near the entrance, selling wares to the adventurers seeking to carve out a place to call their own in the lush surroundings. The largest settlement, or barony as they prefer you ken it, is Calla Brin Sturgess.

The Calla is a quaint, cobble stoned town perched atop a hill overlooking the valley of rice patches. Baron Brin Sturgess looks down upon the town from his mountainside dwelling. The baron has promised the town a festival to celebrate the coming of the harvest season.


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