Seravus Axiomic

Young wizard with ambitions toward greatness.


Age: 25
Height: 5’8
Weight: 135 lbs.
Body Type: Skinny to Average
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue


Seravus grew up in a rich household as the 5th son of a wealthy family. As a child, Seravus was a bit antisocial and spent most of his time reading and studying. He was a smaller boy and was often picked on when he did try to play with the other children, so he found solace by himself reading and learning all about the world.

Seravus was particularly interested in history and spent most of his time studying it until about the age of 14 when he became interested in magic and the draw of it’s elusive knowledge. Seeing this interest and not wanting him to distract from the family business or the raising of their eldest son, his father Dextar sent him away to an arcane university to study the ways of an arcanist. Seravus studied at the university for several years learning all he could. It was truly one of the greatest times of his life. Seravus graduated at the age of 25 with a specialty in arcane knowledge and the study of history..

After graduating, Seravus was given a job by his father to use his magic in service of the family business. However, he quickly became bored as there was little potential to grow his magic ability. He decided that the best course of action was to create a magical disease and unleash it on his eldest brother, Malcolm, in the hopes of making some money when he was able to “miraculously” find a cure. However, things didn’t go exactly as planned when his second eldest brother, Tirrius, found out what he was doing and threatened to expose him if he cured Malcolm. Feeling he had no choice, Seravus let the disease kill his eldest brother shifting the inheritance of the family fortune and business over to Tirrius. As payback for the blackmale, Seravus unleashed the disease on Tirrius and threatened to let it kill him if he wasn’t paid. He also forced Tirrius to sign a document stating what he had done that he would give to the authorities and his father should Tirrius ever try to seek retribution. Tirrius begrudgingly agreed and Seravus made a small fortune from both his brother and his father for the “Miracle cure.” The deception had the unplanned side-effect of earning him massive respect and renown with his family as well as many of the noble families of his hometown.

After getting the money, Seravus left his family job and built a library with the money he had gained. He uses this library to collect books and search for magical items and spells throughout the empire.

Seravus Axiomic

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