Oswyn Ailil Arawn

protector of innocence


age: 18
weight: 121
height: 5’5"
skin: porcelain
eyes: deep hazel
hair: full, dark brown, and wavy. Often worn loose in back, with two buns atop and a thick braid in front.


Oswyn Ailil Arawn was born second eldest in a lower noble class family of five children. Upon her baby twin sisters birth her mother grew weak and was bedridden, forcing her father to work endlessly to run their meager estate. They didn’t have the funds to hire much staff, so while her father, Swaldo and brother, Onslow worked the farms, Oswyn, age 6, was left in charge of her two sisters. She rose to the challenge.

The week of Oswyn’s 8th birthday her mother died, and Swaldo moved his family from their small estate to a mansion of his distant cousin, on his mother’s side, Lord Aven Asarawm. Aven, a less than charitable ruler, allowed their presence if they agreed to work for their stay. Swaldo was sent to the yards, Aven enjoyed watching him slave in the fields for his family’s sake. Onslow was sent to the guards, his mind sill young even to mold. Oswyn, more defiant a child than her brother, was given care of the children. Oswyn had watch over her three sisters; Oswick and the twins; Oswry and Oswelle.

Oswyn seized this opportunity to learn as much as she could so she could be a good teacher and role model to her sisters. In the beginning Oswyn spent much of her time in the library, watching the girls play through a window while she studied vigorously. Upon finishing ever book in the Estate’s library she began to tutor her sisters in what she had learned, the propriety of ladyship, and above all compassion for her fellow man. But by this point the girls had been already swayed to the devices of cheating, stealing and snobbery shown to them by the other noble children around. 3 years Oswyn attempted to teach her sisters, only to be ridiculed by them and abandoned for more entertaining activities.

The 11th year of Oswyn’s life yet another tragedy struck- her youngest sister Oswelle, was struck by an arrow during a hunting trip and killed. This sent Oswry into madness. She and her twin had shared everything! Oswry was locked away in the cellar of the Shrine to Pelor, prone to binges of weeping and of high pitched laughter. The accident also sent Swaldo down a path of drinking away his sorrows of failing his family, failing his girls.

That same year Lord Aven and his wife had a child, a Son they named Averic. The following year his wife bore him a daughter, Avrielle. The two children were entrusted to Oswyn’s care. Once again she tried to prove herself a wonerful teacher and role model, and this time it paid off. Averic and Avrielle grew to be intelligent, charming and compassionate children. They would go to market and buy food to feed the poor. The children ordered a shelter built in town for the homeless youth of the city to sleep and play. As Oswyn taught the children and helped the locals she felt a power within her begin to grow, she felt strong, capable, with purpose.

9 Years Oswyn worked with the children to improve the lives of the commoners, and all was good. Until the day Lord Aven’s wife was found murdered in their bedchamber. Aven went into a jealous rage! He slew the two soldiers on guard duty outside the room and immediately pointed a finger as Swaldo, claiming he had always been jealous of Aven’s good fortune. Aven claimed Swaldo had forced himself upon his wife, and when she tried to resist he had slain her, in cold blood. Aven made Onslow arrest Swaldo; who got no trial, and was executed that night.

The following day Oswyn, Oswick and Onslow were questioned by Aven and his men. Questioned about loyalties, and how they would prove themselves to Aven. Following that questioning Oswyn begged her siblings to leave with her, but they would not go. Onslow was a dedicated soldier now, and Oswick had been engaged to a wealthy, old baron, whom she claimed to love more than life itself. (though Oswyn thought it was his money she loved)

Having no one to go with her Oswyn sought out Averic and Avrielle. Upon telling her story they gave her a gift, a set of four beads trimmed in gold to hang from the end of her braid. They helped her clasp it on, then each gave her a long hug. As Oswyn hugged them she seemed to glow, and when she moved away form the children they seemed to have a faint residue of glow around them; as if Oswyn had left some of her very aura behind. This comforted her as she had originally feared for their safety. But surely Aven wasn’t insane enough to hurt his own children? But knowing time was up Oswyn left the mansion behind.

She had read of the “surface.” A place that had been constantly consumed by flame and was now clear- and habitable. This is where she was headed. After a year of traveling she stepped out from the Underdark. She took her first step into the sun.

Oswyn Ailil Arawn

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