The Ka-Tet of The 19 & 99

Oct 3, 2014

Getting to the Calla

Bludo & Dean

Bludo was brought to Dean’s uncle and aunt by a mysterious human. This human was a slave to a tribe of Orcs that bound him to an orc woman, his mother. This man passed away and left the child to be raised by Dean’s family. Dean was in the monastery & was in correspondence with his family after he joined the monastery. Dean heard of the avalanche that killed his uncle and aunt. Dean rescued him from the avalanche Bludo is a sweet sweet boy that wants to do good! He has a hand in axes.

Whisper (Chianna) has come across the Calla in an effort to explore a new calla. She investigated the town a little bit more after being here years before. She is concerned about the baron’s methods with thieves.

Oswyn has recently entered the surface world. She spent some time around the entrance in the bazaars and was overwhelmed and disgusted by the the greed and thievery. She caught the next wagon to the Calla and is intrigued by the festival, but doesn’t feel the need to participate.

The Baron has asked Severus to develop a poster along with his young librarian, Amelia. He has also said he will record the winnings of the festival.

Nostromo has entered the town. and is investigating further.

Oswyn has decided to stop in at the library. She asks about the potential services for the children of the town. She is hoping that there are classes to teach the children. Unfortunately the farmers do not have much in the way of knowledge of reading. Serevus has offered to show her to his assistant to share the book on innate magic. Oswyn explains her coming into her magic.

Chianna – has decided to sign up for some part so the festival itself.

Six plain chickens were delivered to Bludo with his gallon of ginger beer.

Dean signed his brother up for the axe throwing contest and himself up as a a melee fighter contest.



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